What Are The Advantages Of Package Design With Fiberboard And Corrugated Materials?

What Are The Advantages Of Package Design With Fiberboard And Corrugated Materials? After 150 years, manufacturers of products in nearly every shape and size, still prefer fiberboard packaging to advertise their products. They also strive to offer containers that transport easily & offer practical storage options, from factory to store to consumer. Though many other forms of packaging are readily available, fiberboard & corrugated containers are still one of the most popular types of packaging. This is because of their strength, the potential to sell the product, using the marketing design of the packaging itself and the obvious environmental friendly factor. Fiberboard is usually recognized as cardboard and comes in two basic styles. Regular cardboard/fiberboard consists of one or more sheets, pressed together to form a rigid, paper-based product. Adding more sheets of paper makes a stronger fiberboard. Using a one ply cardboard/fiberboard is also sufficient for packaging if that one ply is thick enough. Many products come in fiberboard/cardboard containers. Things such as cereal packages, boxes for medicines and other items are just a few examples of products that might come in fiberboard packages. Corrugated packages are formed of two sheets of fiberboard known as linerboards. Then a fluted sheet of fiberboard is placed in between. This creates an exceptionally strong package and is the perfect option for shipping boxes, large packages, or other containers that require superior durability. Another asset of this type of packaging is the environmental impact. Corrugated & fiberboard is recyclable and is easy to handle. This eliminates waste & is environmentally friendly. Using this packaging, combined with a quality biodegradable ink for ¬†¬†graphics, will create a total process, which will move your business into the future of manufacturing. Companies who are concerned about their footprint on the environment, will usually decide to use corrugated or fiberboard products for their main packaging source. Creative graphics applied make these both functional and appealing to consumers. There are a variety of ways to creatively use the combination of design and packaging to sell products. Choosing a printer that also employs a professional design team, will allow for the creation of imaginative packaging that lets the merchandise sell itself. For a business to have this impact, it is necessary to choose the right company to handle the details. Producing a quality design along with a variety of container options and using the latest sources of technology, are all winning combinations to look for in a packaging/labeling company. An award winning portfolio of designs are a must because of the proof it offers that this company can handle the job by bringing something special to your needs and wants for packaging. It also assures that they can get your product into the right hands of the consumer. Another concern is getting the right corrugated or fiberboard to handle the safety of your product. Broken containers or products is not profitable. Having quality packaging eliminates returns because of damage during transport. Manufacturers will stay ahead of the curve if they are thorough in their search for excellence in a good, quality packaging design company. Working as a team will assure that products become a commodity across the world and be something consumers have to have. .